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First, how important is your relationship with your best friend? This requires some finesse — usually, when trying to move on, you sing lots of T. Wanis says. However, there are only a couple possible consequences, and none of them are ideal. You can do better!

My Best Friend's Boyfriend

After all, she deserves to know that kind of information, regardless with what she may do with it. But before you decide to spill the beans, gauge how inappropriate her SO has been.

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In that case, Dr. Wanis advises telling your friend ASAP.

See a Problem?

What are some traits and characteristics from this person that I like? The knowledge will make finding your next relationship hopefully with a single person that much easier.

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But try to remember that your friendship should take priority over a guy, especially if the feelings only go one way. Plus, we know two guys who are definitely available: Ben and Jerry. You were funny, you were caring, you were warm. She was lucky. I was so jealous of her. She had this wonderful man who treated her like a queen while I had a boyfriend who was never good to me.

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He was always out with other girls and was never faithful to me. Every time my boyfriend and I were together, all we did was fight. Every time you and I were together, all we did was laugh. It didn't take me long to realize you were what I was missing in my life. Pretty soon I found myself wanting to be around you constantly. I was the happiest when you were around and every second that you weren't, you were all I could think about. I was too young and naive to see that I needed to break up with my terrible boyfriend, so instead I stayed with him, admiring your relationship with my best friend.

At first I tried to tell myself that I wanted a relationship like yours, but I was lying to myself - I wanted you. After a few months, I found myself falling head over heels in love with you. I knew that nothing could ever happen between us, but I couldn't keep you out of my heart or off of my mind.

If You Have A Crush On Your Friend's Boyfriend Or Girlfriend, Here's What To Do

I had finally had my last straw with my boyfriend so we broke up. A few days later, you texted me telling me about how she cheated on you.

Tell Your Story & Make Sense Of Your Life

I wasn't very surprised because she always treated you poorly, but I was blown away at how she could have the best man in the entire world and throw it all away. We started talking a lot about our breakups and I quickly felt myself falling deeper and deeper in love with you.

A couple weeks later was my 18th birthday and you asked me to hangout.

DM'ing my BOYFRIENDS best friends..

We had never hung out without her before. I knew where it would lead so I tried to tell myself it wasn't worth it, but deep down I knew it was. I knew that the second I got in that car with you, my relationship with my best friend was over if she ever found out. Still, I did it. There's no way I would have rather spent my 18th birthday than with you.

Although I didn't regret my decision, I felt guilty doing that to my best friend. It would have crushed her. I did my best trying to avoid her and do my own thing so after a little while, we parted ways and haven't seen each other in over a year. It hurt me, but I knew that was something I had to live with.