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In the fall, there is nothing that quite gets me in the seasonal spirit like the smell of apples cooing with different spices. I love the Fall season the best, because of all the rich colors and flavors. I make baked apples periodically throughout the year, and made some fairly recently, but I love that this recipe incorporates dried fruit and nuts, as well as butter and cinnamon, for a nice healthy twist. I would serve these for either a dessert or snack.

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We get plenty of apples in my area at this time of year as well. The wife likes to make and freeze pies with them, but to be honest I am a little tired of pies plus I am trying to stop eating too many deserts! This looks like a great idea for an alternative after meal snack, looks pretty healthy too.

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Looks absolutely delicious but I can feel my blood sugar rising just reading about it! Moderation I guess. I love apples but i have to eat baked goods sparingly. You can tweak the recipe according to your dietary needs — Stevia works just as well to add a little sweetness. I know it sounds kind of generic, but it tastes really good eitherway.

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This recipe looks good! How I love baked apples I can remember as a child my mama making them. She would use the red apples take a pairing knife, and cut out the core. She would then pack the apple with brown sugar, and butter. I can still smell how good the kitchen would smell as they baked.

The taste was amazing so sweet,warm, and juicy. Many of our childhood memories stem from favorite foods or spending time in the kitchen with a loved one.

This seems like such a delicious recipie for this fall, though I could do without the rasins. Perhaps a bit of melted chocolate will go nicely to the side of this. Oh, cool. This sounds really good. I have baked some for here before, but not like these. I usually just add a bit of butter and some cinnamon, but these look fantastic. This recipe is definitely worth a try. I like making this kind of stuff, but especially as the weather gets colder.

It makes the whole house more cozy and warm with such delicious aromas. Mmm, baked apples. I like to pair mine with pears apologies for the wordplay and drizzle with a little honey for an extra special treat. I bet they make it super delicious. We went apple picking on Saturday and this looks like the perfect way to use up our harvest. I bet these will smell divine while they are baking. I will definitely be giving these a try. We got a few different kinds, so I will have to try them all out to see which variety works best.

This is a perfect fall recipe! Step 6 actually has you combining the nuts, dried fruit, brown sugar, and cinnamon in the food processor. Have you tried using the microwave for this?

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Or anyone? I have done something similar before but squeezed some lemon all over it. I think it brings out a hint more of flavor but I also just really love lemon. I have never tried using the microwave with this recipe.

Thanks for the tip about the lemon juice. I will have to try that. I mean.. This looks cool. The smell of baked apples remind me of childhood. My mom used to make if for me as a healthy dessert. She only seasoned them with sugar and cinnamon, though. I love this recipe. Quite simple, but healthy and tasty! Thanks for sharing this! Thanks for this post! This is definitely a healthy treat that can go a long way in terms of diversity and level of sweetness.

The use of nuts gives added benefits to the already healthy treat of a baked apple. This looks SO incredibly delicious!! I am so hungry now!! I guess I will make it for Christmas for our family party!! I have never had a baked apple this way…usually it has cinnamon and sugar added. This is an interesting take on apples…. Apples are a huge favorite in my household, it not only brings good health but the smell is out of this world. Apples are great in any season..

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