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Safety and mechanism of action of noninvasive radiofrequency treatment for vaginal laxity: Histological study in the swine vaginal model. Acne treatment efficacy of intense pulsed light photodynamic therapy with topical licochalcone A, l-carnitine, and decanediol: A spilt-face, double-blind, randomized controlled trial. However, poor compliance caused by adverse events and antibiotic resistance is a major cause of treatment failure. A novel multifunctional skin care formulation with a unique blend of antipollution, brightening and antiaging active complexes. The skin aging physical and biological phenotypes manifest differently between diverse ethnic populations.

A highly polluted environment can be viewed as an extrinsic factor accelerating the skin aging process. Customized lip enhancement for clinical different lip features: An observational study. AIMS: To provide a specific treatment approach for clinically different lips based on the Author's clinical experience. Topical 5-flurouracil could improve the proliferation and migration of melanocytes. Laser-assisted dermabrasion results in stimulation of the inactive melanocytes present at the outer root sheath of the lower portion of the hair follicle, which migrates upward until they reach the surface of the skin.

Platelet-rich plasma treatment for melasma: A pilot study. METHODS: Ten female patients with bilateral mixed-type melasma were enrolled in our randomized, split-face, single-blinded prospective trial. Association between serum melatonin and skin aging in an urban population of Mongolia. Furthermore, melatonin receptors are expressed in several skin cells. Serum levels of lead and selenium in patients with premature graying of the hair. Selenium, as an antioxidant, is widely known for its antiaging potentials. Moreover, PGH is more prevalent among addicts and because Lead is a common impurity found in illegal drug.

A prospective comparison between skin cooling and skin vibration in reducing the pain of local anesthetic infiltration. A novel case of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma at the site of previous sporotrichosis. Despite the fact that this tumor type is largely preventable, the incidence of cSCC is rising every year. Other known environmental risk factors include ionizing radiation, cigarette smoking, and certain chemical exposures.

The Tick technique: A method to simplify and quantify treatment of the tear trough region. A simplified, quantifiable, and reproducible technique should encourage more novice injectors to confidently address this region. In Functional Medicine, we put a heavy emphasis on gut health.

We know that a strong gut is not just essential for digesting food and absorbing nutrients, but that it plays a vital role in the immune system and affects the health of the entire body. Marvin Singh, an integrative gastroenterologist. Singh graduated from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, and completed his residency training in internal medicine at the University of Michigan Health System, followed by a fellowship training in Gastroenterology at Scripps Clinic and Green Hospital.

Singh was also trained by Dr. Andrew Weil, a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. Singh uses cutting-edge tests and personally designed protocols to develop a truly individualized plan for his patients based on their genetics, microbiome, metabolism, and lifestyle.

Singh talk about the cutting edge research of DNA methylation PhenoAge, which can predict things like aging, inflammation, and heart disease. They discuss how changes in the gut microbiome can impact gene expression, how our microbiome influences the dietary choices we make, and how our gut health can have a significant effect on healthy aging. They also talk about the implications of diet and the gut microbiome in neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative disease. Singh was also featured in the Interconnected Docu-series which you can watch here.

When it comes to addiction, Functional Medicine can offer a comprehensive approach to treating the whole person. Mind, body, and spirit need to be taken into account, as well as diet and lifestyle interventions and the ever-so-essential aspect of a supportive and uplifting community. With a systems-based approach, we can cover all of these areas and more, to create long-term recovery. David Haase, a leading educator and innovator in the emerging field of personalized systems medicine.

He graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and completed his medical residency at the Mayo Clinic where, despite the undeniable brilliance and dedication of the doctors around him, he saw countless instances of patients getting better not because of medical advances, but in spite of them. After years of turbulent reflection, Dr.


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He treats a wide range of conditions and has a special expertise in neurodegenerative and other brain-related challenges, fatigue, and other conditions caused by mitochondrial, inflammatory, and immune dysregulation. Haase also teaches internationally, including for the Institute for Functional Medicine. Haase talk about how Functional Medicine is a great way to address complex chronic conditions like substance use disorders. They discuss how early life trauma impacts brain development and increases the likelihood of stress, pain and addiction. They also talk about how we can use Functional Medicine to transition from acute care to long-term sustainable recovery.

David Haase, be sure to follow him on Instagram davidhaasemd , on Facebook davidhaasemd , and on Twitter davidhaasemd. Drug overdose and opioid-related deaths continue to grow at an alarming rate in the United States. According to the CDC, more than , people died from drug overdoses between and , and on average, Americans die from an opioid overdose every day. He has served as a consultant to U. His clinical and research work has focused on enhancing the effectiveness of addiction treatment and recovery support services, stigma reduction, and addiction and criminal justice.

Kelly talk about the current approach to addressing addiction in our country, and the power of language when it comes to destigmatizing addiction. They discuss how the opioid crisis became a self-manufactured epidemic and the importance of building an effective public health infrastructure to combat the opioid crisis and other substance use disorders.

They also talk about the best way to support a loved one with an addiction, and the importance of social connections for long-term recovery. How many times have you chalked up weight gain, brain fog, and feeling tired to getting older?

The many symptoms we assume to be a natural part of the aging process are far too often related to one single pillar of health: sleep. In fact, 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, yet most people who have it never get diagnosed. Mark Burhenne, a practicing sleep medicine dentist in Sunnyvale, California.

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Burhenne is passionate about helping people understand the connection between oral and overall health. He spends a lot of time educating patients and readers about the importance of healthy sleep, and is the author of the 1 bestseller, The 8-Hour Sleep Paradox. Burhenne dive deep into the topic of sleep apnea and upper airway resistance syndrome UARS. They discuss who is at risk for sleep apnea, how to identify the underlying cause, and the long-term health risks associated with sleep apnea.

They talk about the difference between mouth breathing and nose breathing, and how mouth breathing reduces the quality of your sleep, disrupts the balance of your oral microbiome, and makes your more prone to tooth decay. They also get into the benefits of mouth taping for improved sleep and overall health. Mark Burhenne, be sure to follow him on Instagram askthedentist and on Facebook askthedentist.

You can find his book, The 8-Hour Sleep Paradox, right here. At the same time, the United States is in the midst of a prescription painkiller epidemic. Shounuck Patel, an interventional and functional orthopedics specialist with offices in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. Patel has a clinical interest in the biomechanical etiology of musculoskeletal injuries and pain conditions, and the holistic treatment of the whole-body continuum with innovative orthobiologic treatments, osteopathic manipulation, and therapeutic exercise.

Patel is board-certified in Sports Medicine, board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and fellowship trained in interventional pain management. Patel lectures at medical conferences across the nation, is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Western University and Touro University colleges of osteopathic medicine, and is an expert instructor for the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation where he teaches other physicians how to do advanced stem cell and orthobiologic procedures.

In addition to numerous publications including journal articles and book chapters, Dr. Patel discuss the current state of pain management, the opioid crisis, and the integrative and regenerative therapies Dr.

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Patel is using to help his patients address chronic pain. They also talk about the importance of addressing the root cause when it comes to the treatment of pain, as well as the role nutrition plays in regenerative medicine. You can also watch Dr. Big feelings are part of life. In fact, there are times when everyone will feel sad, angry, hurt, and disappointed.

When it comes to helping our children process big feelings, we want to help them discover their natural strengths and build new tools for looking inside, making sense of what they are experiencing, and internalizing new ways to approach challenges and stress. In this episode, Dhru and Deena talk about how trauma impacts the development of a child and their future stress response.

They also talk about how parenting is about being present, not perfect, and how to raise resilient and mindful kids. Psychedelics were the subject of serious medical research in the s to the s, when many scientists believed some of the mind-bending compounds held tremendous therapeutic promise for treating a number of conditions including severe mental health problems and alcohol addiction.

By the mids, research into psychedelics was shut down for decades. He has conducted extensive research with sedative-hypnotics, caffeine, and novel mood-altering drugs. In , he initiated a research program at Johns Hopkins investigating the effects of the classic hallucinogen psilocybin that includes studies of psilocybin-occasioned mystical-type experiences in healthy volunteers, psilocybin-facilitated treatment of psychological distress in cancer patients, psilocybin-facilitated treatment of cigarette smoking cessation, psilocybin effects in beginning and long-term meditators, and psilocybin effects in religious leaders.

Griffiths talk about his extensive research with psilocybin in the treatment of psychological distress in cancer patients and cigarette smoking cessation.

Support for nonā€conventional medicine in Israel: cognitive and sociological coherence

They discuss the connection between psilocybin, spirituality, and consciousness. They also talk about psychedelics and their potential for treating conditions ranging from drug and alcohol dependence to depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. What you choose to put on your plate is one of the most important health interventions you can make. By approaching disease with a holistic perspective, of which food is a vital part, we can tackle the root causes of disease and truly live well.

Rupy Aujla, an NHS medical doctor and founder of The Doctor's Kitchen , a project to inspire patients about the beauty of food and medicinal effects of eating well. Rupy is the founder of Culinary Medicine, a nonprofit organization which aims to teach doctors and medical students the foundations of nutrition as well as teaching them how to cook. Rupy talk about how our bodies can better fight off illness through eating well.

They discuss how we can eat to reduce the risk of brain disease, cardiovascular problems, inflammation imbalance, poor immunity, and even reduce the chances of cancer. They also talk about how we can heal our bodies through simple lifestyle changes including exercise, stress reduction, sleeping well, and finding purpose in our lives. Rupy shares how he healed his own heart condition through food and lifestyle intervention Do you often walk away from people wondering if you said the right thing?

Most people are concerned about what others think about them, and often say and do things just to get the approval of others. But you can actually eradicate these thoughts and behaviors by eliminating the deep-seated limiting beliefs that cause them. Her clients have been able to eliminate emotional patterns such as fear, hostility, shyness, anxiety, depression, worry about what people think of them, and a negative sense of themselves. In this episode, Dhru and Shelly talk about limiting beliefs and how they are formed.